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Paul Vautrinot was born and raised in Las Vegas. He has been a person in long term recovery since 2014 after having been addicted to Heroin and Methamphetamines for nearly a decade. Paul is currently employed with Freedom House as the Program Director and Crossroads of Southern Nevada as Vice President of Operations. Paul also sits on the board and serves as the Executive Director for Shine A Light Foundation. He is currently a member of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council and serves as the Co-Chair for Criminal Justice Coordination Council’s Subcommittee on Homelessness and Mental Health for the 8th District Court. He served on the board of directors as Vice President of There is no Hero in Heroin from 2020-2022. Paul is also a Leadership Las Vegas alumni; Class of 2020.

Paul Vautrinot

executive Director


Sindy Doyle was born in Guatemala and moved to the US when she was a year old. Sindy is bilingual, fluent in Spanish and English. She is the proud mother of Emma, Jackson, and Charlie (furry German Shepherd) and wife of 15 years. While not at work, she enjoys fitness activities. Her previous position of Vice President of Operations at CrossRoads of Southern Nevada had her overseeing all activity in the 64-bed Medical Detox Unit as well as 116-bed Transitional Living Facility. Which included working with, directing, coordinating and facilitating the daily functioning of the Director of Nursing, the Inpatient Clinical Director, Program Director, Director of Utilization Review and Case Management. Sindy also interacted with the Chief Clinical Officer in driving the success of their 110+ client Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient programs. She has accepted the role of Director of Operations with Shine A Light and is instrumental in the growth and expansion of our company. 

sindy doyle

Director of operations


is the Program Manager for CrossRoads. Receiving a scholarship to Freedom House ended his 5 years of homelessness above and below ground. He now shines as a beacon of hope to to those seeking a second chance.

Robert Banghart

Outreach director


Brent Nowak is a dedicated and integral member of Shine A Light, leveraging his profound personal journey to bring hope and support to those facing homelessness and substance use disorder. As a person in long-term recovery who has triumphed over a decade of homelessness and drug abuse, Brent embodies resilience and serves as a beacon of inspiration for others on their journey toward stability. Brent’s expertise extends beyond Case Management, encompassing a multifaceted background in various critical areas. His prior role as a Court Liaison with Freedom Behavioral Health equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of legal processes and diversion programs. This experience enhances his ability to navigate complex situations, offering nuanced support to individuals entangled in legal challenges while fostering collaboration between legal systems and social services. In addition to his roles in case management and court liaison, Brent has actively engaged with the community, recognizing the importance of building bridges between individuals and the support networks available to them. His community engagement initiatives reflect a commitment to creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for those experiencing homelessness. As a Community Liaison at Crossroads of Southern Nevada, Brent has played a pivotal role in establishing and maintaining connections between the organization and the broader community. Brent’s journey and diverse professional background demonstrate his holistic approach to supporting individuals on their paths to recovery and stability. Whether through Case Management, Court Liaison duties, community engagement, or fundraising efforts, Brent remains dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of others, fostering a sense of community and creating pathways to a brighter future for those he serves.

Brent Nowak

Engagement Liaison


Meet Paul Smirk, a dedicated and compassionate State certified peer recovery support specialist and community health worker 1 with the Shine A Light foundation. With 18 months of invaluable experience working in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and medical detox at Crossroads of Southern Nevada. Paul is a seasoned professional, specializing in trauma-informed crisis response, social determinants of mental health, motivational interviewing, and providing support for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. His extensive expertise allows him to navigate the complexities of mental health with empathy and understanding. What sets Paul apart is not only his professional background but also his personal journey. As a person in long-term recovery, he has triumphed over his own struggles, making him uniquely qualified to connect with individuals on a profound level. Paul’s commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others is evident in his work, where he tirelessly advocates for mental health awareness and supports those on their journey to recovery.

Paul Smirk

peer recovery support specialist


George Petty, Program Manager at Shine A Light, specializing in behavioral health. Since 2020, he has been working directly with individuals who face the challenges of alcoholism and addiction. What sets George apart is his personal connection to the cause, being a person in long-term recovery himself and a certified peer recovery support specialist. Driven by a genuine desire to serve others, George approaches his work with a profound sense of compassion and basic human kindness. George’s mission is clear – to approach others with empathy and fairness, aiming to contribute positively to the community and break down the barriers of stigma associated with homelessness and substance use disorder. George draws inspiration from his family, particularly his wife Nancy and son Adam. Their unwavering support serves as a constant reminder for George to continue growing on his journey through recovery. What makes George’s story truly remarkable is that he started his relationship with Shine A Light as a client. This unique perspective allows him to honor and respect each individual’s journey.

George Petty

Program Manager


Donica Martinez, born on December 16, 1980, in Pomona, CA, is a dedicated Case Manager at the Shine A Light Foundation, Community Liaison for Crossroads of Southern Nevada and a P.L.E. (Person with Lived Experience) Coordinator/Lived EX Consultant contracted with the Nevada Homeless Alliance. Having called Nevada her home for the past 21 years, Donica’s life journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

For seven years, Donica experienced the harrowing realities of homelessness, four of which she spent living in tunnels, desperately seeking refuge from a traumatic situation and battling addiction. In her darkest moments, she made the courageous decision to turn her life around, and this marked the beginning of her remarkable transformation.

A year and a half ago, Donica made the pivotal choice to accept help from The Shine A Light Foundation. Emerging from the shadow of homelessness, she chose to participate in the Shine A Light I.P.A.T.H.(Instant placement with access to treatment and housing) program and, with unwavering determination, successfully completed the program, proudly earning her graduation. Today, she stands as a shining example of resilience and strength, having transitioned from a program participant to a staff member, serving as a dedicated Case Manager.

Before officially joining the Shine A Light Foundation as a staff member, Donica contributed her time and energy, volunteering multiple days a week. She emerged as a key figure among the volunteer community, taking on leadership roles for outreach teams and orchestrating care pack building sessions on a weekly basis. Notably, she continues to play a pivotal role in chairing a weekly meeting for Shine A Light scholarship recipients, providing guidance and mentorship.

Approximately one year ago, through the I.P.A.T.H. program, Shine A Light recognized Donica’s potential and referred her for a “Get Well” job opportunity at the Nevada Homeless Alliance. She started as a Peer Vaccine Ambassador and a P.L.E. (Person with Lived Experience) at a modest weekly wage of $200.00. Donica’s dedication, hard work, and commitment quickly propelled her upward within the organization. She eventually assumed the role of Rapid Pop-Up Coordinator, PLE Coordinator, and Lived Experience Consultant for the Nevada Homeless Alliance, significantly contributing to the organization’s mission.

Finally, a life-changing opportunity came knocking, and Donica was offered a position as a Case Manager. This role perfectly aligned with her deep-seated passion to serve individuals who have experienced homelessness, mirroring her own journey. As a Person with Lived Experience, she strives every day to amplify the voices of those who have endured or are currently experiencing homelessness and substance use disorders. Donica is unwavering in her commitment to provide high-quality services with compassion and empathy, ensuring that the individuals she serves receive the support they need and deserve. Through her remarkable journey and tireless dedication, Donica Martinez exemplifies the transformative power of resilience, hope, and unwavering commitment to helping others.

Donica Martinez

Case Manager


Bryon Johnson is a dedicated professional who has made a profound impact as a property manager within the context of sober living communities. His unique blend of professional expertise, lived experience in recovery, and commitment to fostering positive change sets him apart as a compassionate leader. What truly distinguishes Bryon is his lived experience in recovery. Having triumphed over personal challenges, he brings a deep understanding of the complexities individuals face during their journey towards sobriety. This unique perspective enables him to connect with clients on a profound level, fostering an environment of trust and empathy. Bryon Johnson’s commitment to personal and professional growth is evident in his successful completion of 8th District’s specialty court program. This accomplishment attests to his resilience and determination, showcasing his ability to navigate challenges and emerge stronger. This personal milestone further solidifies his credibility in the field, as he understands firsthand the transformative power of structured support systems. Driven by a passion for positive change, Bryon actively advocates for the well-being and empowerment of those on the path to recovery. His approach to case management goes beyond mere administrative tasks; he actively seeks out opportunities to uplift and inspire clients, fostering an atmosphere conducive to sustained recovery.

Bryon Johnson

Case Manager


Jamie Hatfield is a dedicated professional with a wealth of experience in the field of case management, specializing in substance use disorder. With a passion for making a positive impact on individuals facing addiction and legal challenges, Jamie has become a leading figure in the field. One of Jamie’s notable accomplishments is her role as a Certified Peer Support Specialist, providing invaluable peer support to individuals in their journey towards recovery. This firsthand experience enables Jamie to connect with clients on a deeper level, offering a unique perspective that fosters trust and understanding. Jamie’s expertise extends to Specialty Court Programs, where she has played a pivotal role in designing and implementing initiatives tailored to the complex needs of participants. Working closely with legal professionals, Jamie has been instrumental in creating a supportive environment that addresses the intersection of substance use disorders and the legal system. Recognizing the importance of a holistic approach to recovery, Jamie has also taken on the role of a Moral Recognition Training Facilitator. This specialized training helps individuals develop moral decision-making skills, aiding in their rehabilitation and reintegration into society. Jamie’s dedication to the field of case management, particularly in the realms of substance use disorder and specialty court programs, reflects a profound commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those navigating the complex journey of recovery and rehabilitation.

Jamie Hatfield

Case Manager