Shine A Light is a 501(c)3 community organization that provides referrals to community partners that help accommodate Instant Placement with Access to Treatment and Housing (IPATH) to the people experiencing homelessness in the greater Las Vegas area.

We are a community partner that helps hundreds of people living in the underground flood channels of Las Vegas. We’re proud to venture into the depths and engage this underserved, hidden population on a dignified personal level.

Shine A Light is committed to helping support each client that opt’s into it’s I.P.AT.H. continuum through each stage of their recovery and transition from chronic homelessness.

Shine a Light was founded in 2009 as a grassroots community project by Beneath the Neon author Matthew O’Brien.

We also provide Case Management services for all clients who choose to enroll in our IPATH programming for up to two years, working diligently to avoid any reason to return to homelessness. Our intensive hands-on Case Management approach includes scholarships into treatment and transitional housing placement, job development, placement into independent living, vital document retrieval, and helping to knock down any other barriers that may stand in the way.

True to its roots, it also doles out much-needed supplies, including bottled water, food, socks, underwear, flashlights, headlamps, AA and AAA batteries. (SAL accepts financial and material donations. Donated items must be new or gently used.)