what we do

Shine A Light is a 501(c)3 non profit homeless outreach and placement service that helps the hundreds of homeless men, women and children in the greater Las Vegas area. Our primary focus is individuals who live in the underground flood channels of Las Vegas. The program prides itself on going into the depths of the storm-drain system and engaging this underserved, hidden population on a personal level. Shine a Light offers Instant Placement with Access to Treatment and Housing (IPATH) to all clients that we come into contact with or that reach out for help. We have partnered with our local safety net providers to ensure that they are able to receive help the moment they ask for it. True to our roots, we also dole out much-needed supplies, including bottled water, food, socks, flashlights, headlamps and AA and AAA batteries. We are committed to ensuring that the continuity of support doesn’t stop once placement is obtained. Our comprehensive Case Management program is designed to walk each client that chooses to participate through two years of services, from the point of contact through all individual stages of the re-entry process. The goal is to ensure that there is no reason to ever feel like anyone has to recidivate back to their previous situation.